Kinetic,S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican company founded in 1975 by Mario Elenes Gaxiola.

lt began operations as an aluminum doors and windows fittings manufacturer.

Some years later it also began manufacturing bathroom tempered glass doors.

The increasing use of tempered glass in construction systems led Kinetic to the design and production of tempered glass support systems.

Presently, Kinetic is a leading company in Mexico in the design, production and commercialization of these systems.

Product Line Divisions:

  • Tempered Glass Support Systems Division
  • Aluminum Doors and Windows Fittings Division
  • Bathroom Tempered Glass Door Division
  • Line k Division.

Services provided by Kinetic:

  • A wide variety of tempered glass support systems and a complete line of products that meet new construction tendencies
  • Solution and Product Development for special projects
  • Technical Support, personalized service and engineering
  • More than 40 years experience and know-how.

We are representatives in Mexico of sadev, world leading French company in tempered glass support systems.



To make the architectural vision of each project a reality through the development and innovation in tempered glass and aluminum systems and components.


To become the leading company in the design and development of aluminum and tempered glass elements with international projection.


To supply quality products and solutions that satisfy our customer´s needs and provide their best alternative.


The values that distinguish and determine our company’s operations are:


  • We take care and defend our company, undertaking operations that will lead us to achieve our established goals and objectives.
  • We follow-up our operations for an on-time completion and our customer´s satisfaction.
  • We commit to the responsibility of carrying out our work.


  • We direct our joined efforts to the accomplishment of our objectives.
  • We strengthen work relations with our fellow workers, clients and suppliers.
  • We create a work environment that promotes creativity, having an open mind to development and change.


  • We express truthfulness in ourselves and with the company.
  • We maintain our honesty and integrity in all our operations.
  • We respond to the trust that has been awarded to us.
  • We place our loyalty to our customers above all.