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The use of tempered glass in construction innovated the world of architecture allowing a wide variety of shapes and designs. Glass has shaken off its ties thanks to modern-day tempered glass support systems that connect interiors to exteriors, integrating spaces, opening them to the light and transparency.

There is no static moment in today’s architecture. The harmony of effects, reflections and opacity has been possible thanks to the use of glass.

In the new constructions of the 21st Century, there are no limits to the imagination. Forms multiply in slanted walls, domes and curves. Innovative designs become a reality thanks to the combination of glass, structure and connectors.


Kinetic offers the specialized connector systems that open a whole new world of possibilities to build with tempered glass.

Based on the architectural project, it is important to precisely develop each one of the elements that will link the glass and structure, and their support system. Kinetic’s strives to deliver the best proposals in tempered glass support systems.


Kinetic offers specialized connector systems that open a whole new world of possibilities for construction with tempered glass.

Systems such as Cabletek, Clamps, SSLK, and point-supported and suspended glass systems for facades, ceilings, domes, building renovations, interior partitions, and special applications such as floors and museum exhibitions.

All of Kinetic’s support systems have been designed to work taking advantage of the mechanical and structural properties of tempered glass.